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Select universities can take part in this program. The synergy created between the universities and Cisco allows creation of value in both research and opportunities for the institution, the students and Cisco.

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Current Interns

Only a few select students will have the opportunity to work closely with and be mentored by Cisco managers in Silicon Valley. Adaptability, collaboration, open mindedness and commitment are required.

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A Unique Internship

Cisco is a worldwide leader in networking and is shaping the Internet with its technology. Cisco is constantly developing new, innovative products and technologies, transforming the way that people work, live, learn, and play. This internship is the gateway, you just need to apply.

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Cisco International Internship Program Opens Opportunities

CIIP is a 12-month internship program which offers top students from select international partner universities an opportunity to come to the USA for a year to gain industry experience as part of their education. Interns work alongside Cisco employees on next-generation development projects and learn critical technical and business skills necessary for a future in tomorrow's global workforce. Aside from workplace skills, interns will return to their home countries to complete their degrees with a much greater appreciation of global cultural issues and an increased motivation to succeed in their academic and subsequent professional careers.

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Accepting FY16 Applications Soon - Stay Tuned for Details!

Universities Promoting Research In The Industry

The Program has a direct relationship with the following universities:

Projects That Work To Make An Impact

Every student is assigned to a hiring manager who will guide them throughout their internship. The projects that are assigned have a real impact on the company and span from Engineering and Security to Marketing and Sales. From software to business. Check out current and past intern's experiences here.

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